Southeast Asia Videos
Southeast Asia

In these videos, Southeast Asia countries and communities reveal the diversity of people, cultures and geographies while validating the universal foundation of humanity. Come in and take a look.

South and Central Asia Videos
South and Central Asia

The foods, the religions, the textiles: such diversity cannot be found anywhere else on this earth. These videos of the sites, sounds and spectacular scenery reveal the uniqueness and beauty of this region. Enjoy the journey.

Europe Videos

The stark beauty of midnight sun on iceburgs in volcanic terrain contrasted with the architecture of London: savor the stark contrasts. Enjoy centuries of historical London entwined with quotes of London and English authors.

United States Videos
United States

Explore acrobatic planes, bed races in streets, polo player mishaps, dolphins, baseball, robots - and more. Come in and delight in the joy of the diversity of entertainment, enterprise and human achievement well earned.