Photography of the World!

Please come in and luxuriate in the soul, sounds and senses of foreign lands, many far from the United States, sometimes places you wish to experience but haven't. Perhaps these are lands that pull you to explore further, if primarily by photos and videos. Click on a video, sit back and thrill to the people, customs, sounds and scenery of a different land. Pick a gallery and view textiles, jewelry and livng styles of remote tribes in Asia.

And watch my latest 90-second Sizzle Reel showcasing my video and still photography in a short, high-energy Highlight Reel. The clips in this video represent a few of my accomplishments while filming everything from remote tribal groups in Asia to polo matches in the States. Click Here

Watch this 60-second Highlight Reel of the robots and events from the recent Robotica 2016 conference in Devens, MA. Click Here

Watch this 90-second Highlight Reel of the fast action, superb horsemanship of the Myopia Polo riders. Click Here

And watch this 45-second Mishap Reel of what can go wrong when things really go wrong. Click Here

Please enjoy!